Towing your Hydro Kaddy

Through our R&D we have found 3 very different ways to effectively tow the HydroKaddy. It is important to understand that the Kaddy was designed to adapt to different types of water, as people paddle all types of water (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc).  We want to help people understand the proper way to tow their Kaddy to maximize tracking and to reduce drag. It is also important to remember the HydroKaddy was not intended to be used in rough ocean water or whitewater conditions.


How to tow your HydroKaddy 101:


#1 Tether strap (comes with purchase)

This method is ideal for flat water and work best with peddle drive kayaks (Hobie, Native, etc). The bow of the Kaddy is designed to cut through the water while in tow. Since you are pedaling and not paddling there is no side to side motion, so the Kaddy tracks straight and true. In this video, Roy is using a longer tow line from the side of his kayak. This allows him to pull the Kaddy beside him to access the contents using an anchor trolley system.

Video courtesy of Roy Moncada of The Outdoor Boys


#2 Tether strap in reverse (comes with purchase)

This option works great with any kayak or SUP to optimize tracking and drag reduction. This is deal for many types of water like rivers, lakes and calm ocean water. Towing your Kaddy by the pad eye located at the stern of the Kaddy maximizes tracking ability while paddling. The bow of the Kaddy acts as a keel while paddling, keeping you and your Kaddy tracking straight and true. This minimizes any side to side motion with the Kaddy while paddling.

Contents of Kaddy: contains 40lbs of ice and 10 12oz cans

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1


#3 RamMounts Kaddy Connector Kit (assembly required)

This option allows for maximum tracking and drag reduction. The custom RamMounts connector keeps the Kaddy at an exact distance from your kayak while paddling, but also allows for accessibility while on the water.  This is ideal for all types of water (Rivers, Lakes, Oceans).  This option includes; 1.5″ flush mount RamBall, 1.5″ single socket arm with octagon adapter, female slip pipe 1″ ball and adapter, 3″ double socket arm for 1″ ball.  Additional items to purchase; 5′ schedule 40 PVC pipe, pipe cement, 1″ RamBall for your kayak.  If your goal is long distance paddle where speed is important, than this is by far the best option for those long trips. We no longer sell this kit directly. These items can be found at or

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Contents of Kaddy:30lbs camping gear internal storage. Zookatube, RamMount Rod holders with visicarbon Pro on the deck