Spear Diving

“I use the Kaddy for lots of different things depending on the trip I am taking. I haul it behind my kayak to keep my catch for fish, abalone, or scallops etc. I also shore dive and swim the Kaddy out to my spot for the same thing. Its really cool to take it lobster diving at night, or when I cave dive. Its also a HUGE help to keep sharks away when I am spearfishing, which is never a bad thing.”- Kodiak Morasky – spear fisherman

When YOU hit the open ocean on your next spearfishing adventure, make sure to keep the sharks away with the Hydro Kaddy!  The Kaddy is a great accessory for spear divers to keep their catch in rather than in your kayak or running a stringer (bad idea). This will keep things nice and clean on your kayak and your catch on ice nice and fresh.

  • Storage for gear on top (spear gun, mask, fins, etc)
  • Storage for catch inside (fish, lobster, crab, abalone, etc)
  • Shore diving
  • Spearfishing
  • Free Diving
  • Cage Diving