RAILBLAZA Three Axis Platform



The RAILBLAZA Three Axis Platform is the flexibility standard for marine mounts. With two swivel points and a tilt adjustment the platform can easily rotate and tilt.  Designed with depth finders, GPS devices, and cameras in mind, flexibility and versatility is valued at a premium for a more complete experience. The Three Axis Platform can be mounted on flat vertical or horizontal surfaces using any of the Railblaza bases, but really comes in to save the day if on sloping surfaces.  Supplied with a 102mm x 102mm (4×4 inch) platform made from high density polyethylene, installing accessories to it can be as simple as screwing a self-tapping screw directly into it. The Three Axis Platform fits all Railblaza bases.  No hardware is needed for accessory installation because the RAILBLAZA port based system is not included.  **All RAILBLAZA accessories fit the different RAILBLAZA port based systems.  Base not included


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  • Three Axis Platform offers a 4×4 inch mounting platform
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Moves on two swivel points
  • Base not included