Stop limiting the rigging capabilities of inflatables and stand up paddle boards. The RAILBLAZA RibPort allows paddlers to add useful StarPort attachments to their inflatable or stand up paddle board without having holes cut into it. The 5×3-1/2 inch base is easily applied to any flat surface with waterproof adhesive or silicone. Any RAILBLAZA accessory is then easily attached. Imagine having a GoPro on the Paddle Board with you or adding a rod holder to the inflatable kayak. The Rib Port gives you these options and more. Water proof silicone is needed to attach the RibPort to your surface, but not included.


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  • Rib Port is a 5×3.5 inch base
  • Compatible with Inflateables and Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Installed with waterproof adhesive or silicone
  • Accepts any RAILBLAZA accessory
  • Features slide locking mechanism
  • Installation hardware included