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So much more than just a trailer for your kayak or SUP!




The Kayak Kaddy® is a versatile, floating trailer that glides behind your kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board (SUP). It holds and protects your valuables while you enjoy the water. The Kaddy can be used for: Kayak Fishing, Camping Trips, Wade Fishing, Spear Fishing, Outriggers on your kayak/SUP and more!

  • Extra storage for your paddling adventure
  • Keeps personal items dry and safe, yet convenient while you are on the water.
  • Holds items such as coolers, food, beverages, smartphones, tablets, jewelry, car keys, medication, first aid kits, sleeping bag, and tent
  • Easy to access while on the water
  • Patented design cuts through the water while paddling to minimize drag and effort for longer trips
  • Infinite rigging possibilities with Ram Mounting Systems, Railblaza, Yakattack, or YakGear etc