Bring it ALL with a Kayak Kaddy!

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The Kayak Kaddy® is a floating storage device that glides behind your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP). It holds and protects your valuables while you enjoy the water

  • Extra storage for your paddling adventure
  • Keeps personal items dry and safe- yet convenient- while you are on the water.
  • Holds items such as coolers, food, beverages, smartphones, tablets, jewelry, car keys, medication, first aid kits, sleeping bag, and tent
  • Easy to access while on the water
  • Patented design cuts through the water while paddling to minimize drag and effort for longer trips
  • Fully customizable
  • Rental outfitters can increase their rental income

Note: Since shooting this video we have changed our partnership with Sterling Tech and now proudly make the Kayak Kaddy® in Smithfield NC with Envicor Enterprises LLC